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Your Most Overlooked Marketing Asset


One of the best marketing assets that you already own but probably aren’t utilizing to its maximum potential is your email signature.  Your email signature is prime real estate!  It's the place where you already have a captivated reader and should be sharing key messages about your brand. 

The email signature is a point of reference for the reader to quickly gather basic info.  These are the basic components that form the foundation of your email signature.

  • Name
  • Position
  • Direct Phone Number
  • Email (optional to repeat)
  • Style - Align your font type, size and color with your brand guidelines. Remember, your signature is part of your brand identity.

Now that we've got the basics down, here are a few components that are frequently missed:

  • Company Website Link
  • Company Social Media Link(s) - You may have noticed that some people like to include social media logos within their email signature.  We have to tell you, we aren't fans of this. Most signatures with a bunch of logos feels cumbersome. Additionally, the social media logos will often send as an attachment.  A similar situation can occur, if you include your logo as an image file in your signature. We’d suggest avoiding the logos and opting for a social media link instead.
  • Skype Number - If you regularly chat with clients or customers over Skype, why not make it easy for them to connect with you by including this detail in your signature?
  • Departmental Social Media Links - Some organizations have a separate Twitter account for certain departments, for example, customer service inquiries.  If this applies to your company and you work in that department, then by all means, add that social media link to your signature.

Remember! Email signatures are informational as well as promotional, so go ahead and have a little fun.

  • Include links to your current promotion, new product or upcoming event.
  • Sound off on recent press that you’ve received by including a link to the article.
  • Drive traffic to your company's blog by including a link to its most recent post.
  • Individualize - It's good to keep some structure in your email signature, companywide, but do allow for some individualization.  Have a little fun with it, but try not to get too cutesy.  For example, if you’re a cupcake shop, each employee could mention their favorite cupcake flavor at the bottom of their own signature ("My favorite flavor is our s'mores cupcake!").  It’s a simple touch that adds character while remaining on brand.  It also opens the door for dialogue(“I love your s'mores cupcakes, too!  I buy a dozen every Saturday!”). 

Now, take a look at your email signature and do a quick audit.  Does it give the reader all of the informational points they expect from an email signature?  Does it align with your brand? What else can you include in your email signature to add value and a little character?

We'd love to see your creative email signatures! Send them to us at hello[at]

Angela Burke