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The Importance of Clipping Your Press.


The sudden shut down of popular news sites Gothamist and DNAinfo left dozens of journalists scrambling for access to their own published works. And while we’ve always been told that things live on the Internet forever, accessibility, it seems, is not eternally promised. Fortunately, archived access was later granted, allowing Gothamist and DNAinfo journalists the ability to pull their work from the defunct sites for their professional portfolios. 

Now, I’m going to let you in on a practice that public relations professionals follow. When our clients receive press coverage, whether print or digital, we save a clipping of the piece. In fact, managing press clippings is one of the very first (and very important) jobs that most PR interns learn to do on the job. 

It’s a mistake to assume that you’ll always be able to link back to or Google that awesome piece of coverage that you’ve received. Instead, be proactive and incorporate the quick step of saving your press clippings to your internal business process. Follow these steps to save a PDF of your digital coverage:

  • Type the URL of your press coverage
  • While in the browser, click File/Print
  • Change the print destination from your printer to PDF
  • Click Save and store the PDF in a press folder that’s organized in a way that makes sense for your business (e.g. save to your hard drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Optional — in addition to saving the PDF, some also like to print their clippings, frame it and display it throughout their business or archive printed versions in a binder

Just like that, you’ve saved your digital press clipping and saved yourself the major headache of being denied access to your own coverage down the road. 

Angela Burke