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Walk Through The Front Door


During high school and college, I worked part-time at a real estate office. During that time, there was one tip my broker would regularly preach to her clients — walk through the front door.

Think about your own routine. When you drive home, you probably pull into your garage, park your car and walk into your home through the garage entrance. It’s the same routine for many of us, day in and day out. Some of us could literally go years without ever walking through our front door.

My broker’s point was to get the seller to see their home through the lens of the buyer. Prospective buyers will walk through the front door, not the garage. And on their way in, they’re checking out the bushes, the welcome mat, doorknob, doorbell, every detail that you’re missing by always entering through the garage. If you want to give buyers the best possible experience, you need to see things from their perspective.

Today, when I consult clients, one of the first pieces of advice I give is for them to walk through the front door — literally and figuratively. 

Like most homeowners, many restauranteurs enter through the back of the house and work their way to the front. While that absolutely does have a value of its own, it’s important to keep the customer’s experience in mind. What are they seeing by entering through the front door? Outdated signage? An unorganized retail area? An unkept hostess stand? All of these things impact the customer’s experience and shape how they will perceive your restaurant.

When it comes to your social media accounts you should also walk through the front door…the digital door, that is. Many of us are so busy posting and engaging that we’re forgetting to take a step back and walk through the front door of our social media pages. Take a moment to login and view your social media account from a user’s perspective. This is especially important when utilizing management platforms such as Hootsuite, for example.

Does your profile image represent your brand and align with other images on your page? Is it time to give the page a refresh? What does your bio say and does it need to be updated? If you’re a heavy mobile user, don’t forget to walk through the front door and login from your desktop to also view your accounts from that perspective. 

And if you haven’t walked through your own actual front door of your home in a while, it’s time to take the long way home, through the front door.  

Angela Burke